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Bob Bright Consulting and Venture Capital (TM) The Best Poker Rooms in Vegas!

  1. Going to a Poker Room in a Casino can be intimidating!
  2. focuses on a niche-market: Helping to Find New Players For Casinos & Fun Card Rooms, "showing 'newbies' the ropes" so that their experience is fun and stress-free!
  3. Oftentimes our service is simply providing girls that will walk a single dude into a venue, bar or club that doesn't allow single dudes to walk in alone. We also have connections to allow you to skip the line!
  4. We also have jobs for girls that will allow us to photograph them for dating profiles for professional women who don't want to use their real pictures. Our typical clients are "high-power" executives who don't want their colleagues to see their real picture on a dating site, but can use a picture of a girl who looks somewhat similar to them, that we own the copyrights to.
  5. If you're intelligent with a "no boundaries" sense-of-humor, please contact us via KittenChat below for the funnest opportunity of your lifetime!
  6. Poker Guides are friendly and will walk you into the poker room and help you get started for a fun, stress-free experience! They can even teach you how to play Texas Hold'em!
  7. Poker Guides (TM) are professional yet FUN! They all have happy, fun personalities and can take a joke! They'll make you feel at ease.
  8. What they WON'T do, is ever criticize you or say anything negative to you. That's our deal!
  9. They'll teach you how to win ... or lose ... gracefully! The main goal is to simply have fun! Players might even meet a new friend! A poker room is typically filled with intelligent, fun singles! What better way to find your new fun poker buddy!
  10. poker guides can earn a substantial living, while having a blast! Vegas is a tipping-town. And when your customers/friends have a great time, they thank you with tips!
  11. Use Kittenchat at the bottom right of your screen to contact us!