Caldera Cabins Sunriver Oregon
Caldera Springs is a great vacation destination development! - A discussion forum for renters, homeowners and prospective homeowners It's important to know the rules

  1. Sometimes the rules are strictly enforced...
  2. Other times the rules are "selectively enforced" ... wink wink...
  3. Village Properties * 1-800-SUNRIVER is where to rent a cabin in Caldera Springs or Sunriver!
  4. Make sure to read the C.C. & R's before you buy!
  5. Don't trust, nor take the "word" of the developer. They lie to make the deal
  6. You might be subject to a daily fine of $250 if you don't comply!
  7. Even when the developer's project manager tells you how things work...with a wink...
  8. Soon, we will set up a discussion forum for renters and owners so that the truth can be fully known - before you rent or buy!
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  10. Use Kittenchat at the bottom right of your screen to contact us!