Cloudmail secure messaging and legal movie sharing TM

Cloudmail (TM) is a simple and secure messaging platform and storage solution.

With Cloudmail you don't give a new friend your email address nor cell phone number.

You only give them your Cloudmail username.

Your new friend can message you through the website or the mobile app which functions just like a texting program, except that all messages stay within our servers, so you have full control of your messages and more privacy. See if your message was read, delete any message before or after it was read.

Cloudmail's Tier 3 service is a cloud-based storage system where you - or the friends you invite - can view your movies, pictures or documents. You just email or message them a link to "their" folder in your Cloudmail account, which you control the access to. A great legal way to share the movies that you own, or the books that you've bought.

Cloudmail (TM) is a trademark of Affordable Webhosting, Inc.