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Your Secret Weapon For Poker, Business, And Consulting! (TM)
You've just found your secret weapon! - your secret weapon consultant

  1. People's mindsets and paradigms are really hard to change
  2. focuses on an extremely niche-market: Changing peoples' paradigms, their world views, their opinions
  3. Some people say there are two sides to every story. Sometimes there are 17 sides to a story, but you only know two of them
  4. FaceBook and Twitter and Instagram are experts at changing popular opinion and popular belief systems
  5. is clandestine guerilla consulting like you've never experienced before. A kind of Skunk Works project
  6. Some of our GirlPower associates are actually poker experts (sharks) and can actually teach you to be a better poker player! But they can also re-direct your business or project or movie or social cause like no insider can!
  7. can put your project on a success trajectory Ever heard of tilt? It's a psychological condition of negative or positive emotional response to a perceived situation
  8. GirlPower teaches you to identify tilt, who is causing it, and why they are doing it
  9. GirlPower can also be your agent of tilt. Creating psychological mayhem to disrupt negative groupthink that Facebook, Twitter and TikTok have programmed the masses
  10. GirlPower consultants earn a substantial income, while having fun! And our clients often tip based on our success
  11. Use Kittenchat at the bottom right of your screen to contact us!

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