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  1. *** Please refresh this page as it is updated often! ***
  2. We play 3/6 Limit Poker at Resorts World in Fabulous Las Vegas!
  3. Parking is free at Resorts World with Player's Card ($1.50/hour comps!)
  4. The buy-in is $100 with a $5 casino rake (no flop, no drop)
  5. Blinds are $1 and $3
  6. Sometimes we have corporate sponsors for $100 Splash Pots!
  7. Past Splash Pot Sponsors are Voss Air and Mint Snuff All Mint Chew!
  8. Quit chewing tobacco with this healthy all-mint alternative chew
  9. Would you like to get on the list? Text Bill or Use KittenChat on the bottom-right

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