From Economics to Metaphysics ... and everything in-between! And Poker!

What is ask...

  1. We can set up a limit poker game or tournament for you and your friends
  2. Available venues are Resorts World Casino in Las Vegas
  3. If you have at least 3 players, we can start a 5-handed game
  4. PokerGirl is a hardcore inveterate gambler and will play poker anytime
  5. PokerGirl can bring happy fun players to your game if you don't have 8 players
  6. PokerGirl knows lots of cash limit-players to fill your table to 8 player
  7. If you don't fill your table to 8, outside players will be able to join
  8. The buy-in is $100 with a $5 casino rake
  9. We typically play 3/6 Limit Poker Cash Game, but higher limit is available
  10. Blinds are $1 and $3
  11. If you want to film your game for your YouTube channel, we can talk
  12. We currently have a few corporate sponsors who will do a $100 Splash Pot
  13. PokerGirl has access to people and experiences worldwide!
  14. ...and can bring celebrity players!
  15. Here's an example of the butterfly effect of poker table banter
  16. A random player joined PokerGirl's game and was talking about
  17. how awesome and freshly prepared the food is at CheeseCake Factory
  18. After watching the blogger's video I'll now tell my friends! (At the table)
  19. PokerGirl only plays limit poker
  20. Limit Poker allows you to relax and have fun without
  21. ...the stress of a high stakes poker game. $100 buy-in can last hours
  22. With Covid masking, celebrities can even play with anonymity!
  23. PokerGirl has played poker with many unnamed masked celebrity players!
  24. PokerGirl knows how to keep a secret and who to trust
  25. Have a tip or need to get in touch with PokerMeetUp? Use KittenChat on the bottom-right

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